Biggest challenge in care sector

Biggest challenge in care sector's history

By BBC on 01/04/2020

The care sector is facing the biggest challenge in its history, according to the chairman of an industry group.

Mario Kreft of Care Forum Wales said: "We have the most vulnerable people in our community as residents in our care homes and we are seeing marvellous attempts to keep them safe.

"But we need to do more and we need to shield these vulnerable people to ensure that they can survive this terrible crisis."

Mr Kreft, who runs the Pendine Park care homes in north Wales, said governments in Cardiff and London need to make sure the industry has the resources and support to keep residents safe.

"We've tried to ramp up every possible opportunity to protect residents," he said.

"Staff have been incredible across Wales. The social care staff deserve incredible recognition for the efforts. But we have a lot more to do - this is a call for action."

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